Paul Mestemaker

Hi internet stranger!

My name is Paul. This is my personal site. I blog here about life lessons, hobbies, and fun projects.
Yep! That's me 👇🏼 I'm currently very focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)... and I have built all sorts of dumb side projects to prove it! If you're at all interested in this space, please reach out.
Paul Mestemaker outside the Louvre

Quick rundown of who I am

I'm the cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at Circadian Risk. We make physical security assessment software.

I also run CleverPoint LLC, a technology consulting firm. This is where I provide services for Fractional CTO/Fractional Head of Product. It is also the home to some special projects (Weddingle, ML Advent Calendars, Event Discovery, and many more).

Born and raised in the midwest.

I started my first business when I was 15 as a full-stack engineer building web applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Worked at Microsoft for several years. Looks like one of the patents I applied for was granted.

Spent the last several years working on becoming a better manager and leader for engineering, product, and design teams.

Love dabbling in technology

  • AI/ML (Python/PyTorch, diffusion pipelines, reinforcement learning, vector databases)
  • Web apps (TypeScript/React/Hasura/Postgres)
  • Analytics (Python/Pandas/SQLAlchemy, Conversion rate optimization, funnel analysis, cohort analysis with tools like Google Analytics, MixPanel, and custom-built solutions made by me)

I used to co-host a weekly tech news podcast.

I have blogged. Would like to do that more, but will use the past tense for now until I redevelop that habit.

You can find me on Twitter.

In a former life, I was a decent standup comic. Now I mainly make meetings a bit less dry.

I'm available for about 4 speaking gigs at conferences and colleges/universities per year. I can talk about all sorts of topics: the importance of metrics, product management, entrepreneurship, the balance of tech and business, and more. Some of my favorite gigs have been: University of Michigan, MIT's Sloan School of Business, and UIUC.