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How to get 25GB of Free Storage from SkyDrive


[Update: June 2013]

Are you looking for SkyDrive promo codes? Sadly, there are currently no offers to get 25GB of free SkyDrive storage. The offer I originally wrote about expired in 2012. The good news is you get 7GB for free just for signing up. Here are all the active offers I can find for additional free storage:

  1. SkyDrive for Students - If you're a student (or can prove you have access to a .edu email address), you can get 3GB of additional SkyDrive storage for free! Head over to You will get a single email which will include a redemption code that you'll enter into the SkyDrive web site. All-in-all it should take less than 2 minutes.
  2. Post any other offers in the comments and I will keep this list updated.

[Original post below...]

The SkyDrive team has seriously upped the ante as far as cloud storage goes.

SkyDrive Improvements in April 2012:

  • 2GB file uploads
  • Ability to “fetch” files from your PC on-demand without putting them on SkyDrive.
  • Sync and access files seamlessly across all of your devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Windows Phone! (As well as anywhere you have a web browser.)
  • Up to 25GB of free storage! (Note: this only works for existing Live IDs and was only available for a limited time. This offer has now expired! You can stop looking!)
  • Dropbox only gives you 2GB and you have to work hard to get up to 18GB. Click here to get an additional 500MB on Dropbox.
  • Google’s GDrive starts at 5GB and currently costs $30/year for 25GB.

To get upgrade your existing account from 7GB to 25GB just go to this page, log in, and click the upgrade button.

Check out this 30 second YouTube clip showing you how easy it is to upgrade your account from 7GB to 25GB of storage for free.

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