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System Center Advisor at MMS 2012


Hey, if you're here, you probably attended my AM-B319 session at MMS. If you didn't, Advisor has successfully gone viral and all of my dreams have come true. Hopefully my server can handle the 6 additional unique visitors.

We made some great announcements at the Microsoft Management Summit this year (if you don't like reading, scroll down for video):

  • System Center Advisor is now fully compatible with System Center 2012. Many System Center 2012 early adopters had been very vocal about using Advisor with System Center 2012. Just get the latest version (1.1.2244) of our Agent and you can run both of them in the same environment.
  • In addition to Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Advisor now supports Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint 2010, and SQL Server 2012. The launch of SQL Server 2012 was the first time we co-launched a major version of a server product with support from System Center Advisor from day 1.
  • System Center Advisor is commercially available through software assurance on the server workload. So if you have SA on Windows, SQL, Exchange, or SharePoint, you can deploy advisor to those servers for no additional charge. If you don't have SA, you can sign up for a 60-90 free trial.

Here are some useful links from my Managing from the Cloud with System Center Advisor session at MMS 2012 (session code AM-B319):

Paul Mestemaker Sr. Program Manager System Center Advisor @PaulMest

Update: If you have an HTML5 capable browser, you can check out this 15 minute interview and demo with me and Symon Perriman at MMS 2012: Channel 9 has been shut down by Microsoft and its videos are no longer accessible